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305 Live was founded by Rick Latham out of a passion and drive for the events industry, based on years of experience in both indoor arenas, such as Wembley Arena & Spark Arena, and greenfield festival sites such as Download, Creamfields, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Wireless Festival and Rhythm & Vines.



Prior to founding 305 Live, Rick spent three years as the Head of Operations for Live Nation New Zealand and Operations Manager for Spark Arena, with the task of driving innovation and developing an operational best practice ethos. Success in these roles stemmed from experience gained in previous positions held in the UK: Health and Safety Manager for Live Nation; Venue Operations Manager at The National Bowl, Milton Keynes and Sales Manager at Wembley Arena.

Company Ethos


We have an understanding that in order to be successful, a strong and unswerving customer focus is required: whether that be to the ticket buyer; the corporate B2B customer or the clients who hire a venue. We believe the best way to achieve this is with a solutions focused attitude.

Our Services - Event Management


Overall Event Delivery

We take your ideas and concepts and make them a reality. If you can think it, we can deliver it.

Front of House Management

Managing all of the individual touch points with customers and ensuring every event is delivered with a customer first ethos including ticketing, security, traffic management, queue management and food & beverage delivery.

Event Safety Management

We believe in instilling a positive health and safety culture within venues and events through a pragmatic and professional approach.

Event Control Room Management

A key function within any event is the Event Control Room: the hub of all communications and the cog in incident management. We have vast amounts of experience managing control rooms at major greenfield, arena and stadia events. 

Venue & Event Audits

If you are looking to take the next step forward with your event or venue, sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes. With experience at a variety of festivals and venues, we can assist you with a comprehensive independent audit, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, whilst also helping to seek solutions to existing problems.

Our Services - Pre Event


Event Management Document Preparation

We can create a full comprehensive suite of pre-event documentation ready for council submission. Including, but not limited to:

  • Event Management Plans
  • Crowd Management Plans
  • Adverse Weather Plans
  • Event Risk Assessments

Incident Management - Tabletop Scenario Sessions

With the current National Threat Level set at Critical, it is not possible to be too prepared. A tailored event-specific Table Top Scenario Session is a great way to test your plans and resiliencies. 

Venue & Site Feasibility Studies

Picking the right site or venue can be tricky. Ultimately, this can be the key to whether an event is  deemed successful or not. With our vast experience across all types of events and venues, we can help you avoid the pitfalls, which so often occur, in order to make your event a true success.

305 Live and ChronoSoft Solutions partnership

What is it?


We are delighted to announce our partnership with ChronoSoft Solutions to bring their Chronicler control room software to the UK for the first time.

ChronoSoft Solutions is the market leading provider of control centre and incident management solutions.

Their products make your operation safer, more efficient, and help you manage and mitigate risk while meeting your duty of care.

They provide you with a virtual control room that will enhance the operation of your command centre and provide a real-time view of the health your event / environment.

The Chronicler incident management software prioritises jobs and creates an accurate timestamped record of incidents as they occur and the actions your team take in response to the situation.

This detail allows you to confidently stand up to legal scrutiny and demonstrate that your team actively mitigated risk and continued to ensure an appropriate duty of care to your customers.



  • Centralise Command
  • Improve Decision Making
  • Mitigate Risk
  • Optimise Incident Response
  • Strengthen Communication
  • Optimise Resources

Time to move on from Excel spreadsheets?


For more information download the brochure below or email us at info@305live.co.uk for a free demonstration.

Chhronosoft Solutions Brochure



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